Four Tales, Four Dalangs, and Four Languages: Wayang Kancil in a Rare Multilingual Spectacle

28 February 2017 | mahasiswa UGM

On Friday evening, February 3rd 2017, a one-of-a-kind yet exquisite puppet show performance of Wayang Kancil was held in Balai Budaya Minomartani Yogyakarta by Universitas Gadjah Mada's English Study Program.

Exceptionally presented in four different languages, the show was also accompanied by a spontaneous translation. Done in six languages altogether (Javanese, English, French, Arabic, Japanese and Indonesian), the spontaneous translation for the puppet show exudes some kind of spectacle and uniqueness to the show itself, not to mention the awe-inspiring experience for its audiences. Tiwi Pratiwi, Karina Anjani Rusli, Gilang Wicaksono, Ali Shahab, Siti Aminah, Amirul, Yoko Yoshida, and Dewo Dewi were named translators for the show.

Four Kancil-centered fables were performed by four dalangs: Triyanto "Genthong" Hapsoro, Tri Giovani, Anggara Sri Wisnu, and Ki Eddy Pursubaryanto. Monkey Becomes The King, performed in Javanese and Indonesian, opened up the show, thus followed by The Leopard and the Goat in Javanese, Power Play in French, and lastly The Death of Kancil in English and Javanese. An excellent gamelan accompaniment was provided by Karawitan Waniwirang from Balai Budaya Minomartani as the show stormed off, taking its audiences along with it into Kancil's mischief-filled journey.

Besides presenting four Kancil fables, the show also served as a book launching for The Shiver in the River, the latest Kancil-centric collaborative work between Drs. Eddy Pursubaryanto and Irene Richter.

It was certainly an extraordinary delight for anyone to take pleasure in.


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