A Short Visit to Flinders University, Adelaide

28 November 2014 | Admin UGM INDO

3-10 OCTOBER 2014 The English Department extends its international networking by sending four students of the International Undergraduate Program (IUP): Adolf Richardo Bagus Setiadi, Anisa Amalia Firdausi, Citra Kinanti Kayang and Shabrina Cintysa Putri and two lecturers, Sharifah Hanidar and Nur Saktinigrum to Flinders University. The aim of running this program is to improve the students’ academic skills, interpersonal communication skills, and cross cultural understanding.

The short visit was initiated by the English Department represented by Nur Saktiningrum and Ian Sebastian from Flinders University.

During their visit to Flinders University, the students:

1. Attend Lectures & Tutorials :

Asia Policy Studies taught by Dr. Priyambudi Sulistyanto, the Director of Flinders Asia Centre.

Film Tourism taught by Dr. Sean Kim from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts, Department of Tourism

2. Take part in Australian Culture Workshop with Mr. Mathew Taverner, the Director for Partnerships and Student Services as the key resource person.

3. Present their Undergraduate Thesis Proposal in Ms Firda Firdaus’ Langauge Studies class, the Department of Language Studies.

4. Conduct Library Research

5. Participate in the gamelan ensemble together with a group of Flinders University gamelan players in the University’s pendopo led by Dr. Rosslyn von der Borch from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts.

To maintain the sustainability of the program, Nur Saktiningrum and Sharifah Hanidar had meetings with:

1. Steve Evans, PhD., Head of Department of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies

2. Robert Phiddian, Deputy Dean School of Humanities and Creative Arts

3. Allisa Zhao, International Program Manager, Faculty of Education, Humanities and Law

4. Mathew Taverner, Director of Partnerships and Student Services

5. William Peterson, Lecturer on American theater

6. Ian Sebastian, Country Manager, International Center

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